Fiber Optic Kits

Prepared kits simplify the purchasing process, reducing the time it takes to find and compare tools, devices, and accessories.

Complete kits welders, reflectometers (or measuring platforms) and the necessary cleaning materials and handy toolkits.
We offer customized kits both in terms of efficiency and economy. Kits described as "economical" are distinguished primarily by their efficiency and durability, while maintaining an attractively low price - this makes them often chosen by many specialists in the field of fiber optic technology. Each set of welding welder + reflectometer (or measuring platform) is accompanied by freebies, which further increase the value and attractiveness of the sets.

Intersell's fiber optic kits are fully complementary,which basically means they work perfectly together and are ready to be used right out of the box.

Intersell's range includes fiber optic kits for various purposes, e.g. a set of fiber optic cleaning accessories for fiber optic connectors and adapters, a fiber optic tool kit, fiber optic welder kits + optical reflector (or measuring platform), a power and damping kit. Intersell's fiber optic kits are of the highest quality. We have products of valued brands such as DVP shinewaytech. For our fiber optic kits we give guarantees, depending on the purchased kit for up to 3 years.

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  • zł299.00 - zł22,999.00




 These basic tools allows you to prepare fiber for splicing process and check connection after the splice is made.

700 zł tax excl. zł861.00 tax incl.