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Fiber welding device OFS-95R Ribbon

  • Reference: OFS-95R
  • Manufacturer: ShinewayTech
  • Condition New product
Price: 8200 zł tax excl.
zł10,086.00 tax incl.
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WELDER shinewaytech OFS-95R Ribbon

The OFS-95 fiber welding machine is used for precise connection of fiber optic fibers. This connection is characterized by extremely low attenuation and minimally affects the signal in the optical fiber.

The OFS-95R welding machine is designed to work with Ribbon cables, significantly accelerating and simplifying the welding process. It uses high-speed image processing technology and high-precision positioning V-grooves, improving the positioning process and improving weld quality. Two CMOS cameras allow for separate or simultaneous display of X and Y axis images. The advantages of the welding machine also include: 7 seconds of start-up time, up to 15 seconds of welding time and an automatic stove, accelerating the welding process.

New! Touch-screen display.


  • 5 inch touch screen display,
  • 1.8kg weight (with battery),
  • Multi-fibre support, SMF (G.652), MMF (G.651), DSF (G.653), NZDSF (G.655), BIF (G.657), EDF,
  • One-fit-all universal holder for welding of the fibers themselves, pigtails, patchcords, FTTH,
  • Automatic and manual welding mode,
  • Features to improve weld quality: automatic fiber forehead detection, automatic adjustment of the position of the electric arc, estimation of weld losses, electronic compensation based on ambient temperature and pressure,
  • Welding time: up to 15 seconds,
  • Welding time: up to 25 seconds (adjustable power and time),
  • Counter indicating wear and need to replace electrodes,
  • Automatic welding of casings,
  • Automatic calibration of electrical arc parameters,
  • View the image in X/Y and X+Y mode,
  • Simple and fast battery installation, dust-resistant and water-resistant housing,
  • DC output for external devices,
  • Built-in backlight,
  • Resistance to wind, rain, dust,
  • Automatically rotate the screen,
  • Multi-language support.

Product specification

Technical parameters
Supported fibresCMS (G.652),
MMF (G.651),
DSF (G.653),
NZDSF (G.655),
BIF (G.657),
Method of fibre joiningElectric arc
Number of fibres allowed1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
Welding modeAutomatic or manual
Fibre dimensionsCoat diameter: 80 - 150[μm],
Shell diameter: 100-1000[μm]
Permissible length of cut fibre [mm]10-13
Permitted casings [mm]40-60
Weld losses [dB]SMF/BIF max. 0.05,
MMF max. 0.02,
DSF/NZDSF/EDF max. 0.08
Reflective losses [dB]Min. 60
Automatic calibration of the el. arcSo
Welding resultView the calculated connection loss
Welding time [s]Up to 15
Welding timeUp to 25 (adjustable)
Strength of endurance test [N]approx. 2
Electrode life spanapprox. 3000 welds
Display modeX, Y, X+Y
Fibre enlargement20X - 50X
General parameters
Dimensions [mm]125 x 125 x 135
Weight [kg]1.8 (with battery)
Display5 inches with touch screen
User interfaceGraphical interface support
Multi-language support
Power220V 50Hz
Lithium battery
Battery lifeMore than 100 welding and welding cycles
Battery charging time [h]up to 4
Device Startup Time [s]7
Data portUSB driver-free
Internal memory5000 welding results (CSV format),
100 screenshots
Working conditionsAmbient temperature: -20 to 55 [°C]
Relative humidity: max. 95%
Height: up to 3000m above sea level.m.
Wind speed: up to 15m/s
Storage conditionsAmbient temperature: -40 to 70 [°C]
Relative humidity: max. 95%

The contents of the set

  • Welder,
  • A set of holders for fibers,
  • Lithium battery (1 pcs.),
  • Power supply
  • Guillotine (cleaver),
  • Cooling tray,
  • USB cable,
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Carrying case.

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