Włókno rozbiegowe SC/APC-SC/PC 150m G657A1-102765
  • Włókno rozbiegowe SC/APC-SC/PC 150m G657A1-102765
  • Włókno rozbiegowe SC/APC-SC/PC 150m G657A1-102766
  • Włókno rozbiegowe SC/APC-SC/PC 150m G657A1-102767
  • Włókno rozbiegowe SC/APC-SC/PC 150m G657A1-102768
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Cross-country fibre SC/APC-SC/PC 150m G657A1

  • Reference: FIB-ROZ-150-APCPC
  • Manufacturer: Fibrain
  • Condition New product
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zł360.39 tax incl.
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Running fibre SC/APC-SC/PC 150m 657A1

The cross-country fibre is used in the reflectometric measurement of fibre optics (loss, length, etc.). The fibre is used to eliminate the impact of the dead zone of the reflectometer and the starting pulse on the measurement.

The Fibrain is placed in a BOX housing with a built-in magnet. Such a solution is not only the handiness and convenience of transport, but also the ability to attach the runway to some metal surfaces (e.g. cabinet housing).


  • BOX housing,
  • colour marking of the fibre and the connector,
  • built-in magnet,
  • master class connectors (for greater reliability of measurements),
  • the fibres introduced have reinforcement in the form of a reinforced tube (crush resistance up to 1000N),
  • protection against vibration,
  • strap for easy transport.

Product specification

Technical parameters
Type of fibreG657A1
Length [m]150
Length of the input fibre
output [m]
Losses of intrusive (max.) [dB/km] For 1310nm: ?0.35
For 1550nm: ?0.22
Losses of intrusive losses on the connector [dB]
(IEC 61300-3-4)
Reflective losses on the connector [dB]
(IEC 61300-3-4)
?65 (APC)
?35 (PC)
Resistance toCrushing: up to 1000N
(for removals only)
General parameters
Dimensions (width x height) [mm]107 x 86
Working conditionsAmbient temperature: -40 to 55 [°C]


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