Slitter wzdłużny do kabli 4.5-11mm-102846
  • Slitter wzdłużny do kabli 4.5-11mm-102846
  • Slitter wzdłużny do kabli 4.5-11mm-102844
  • Slitter wzdłużny do kabli 4.5-11mm-102845
  • Slitter wzdłużny do kabli 4.5-11mm-102847
  • Slitter wzdłużny do kabli 4.5-11mm-102848
  • Slitter wzdłużny do kabli 4.5-11mm-102849
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Slitter longitudinal for cables 4.5-11mm

  • Reference: IO-STR18
  • Manufacturer: InterOpto
  • Condition New
Price: 66.67 zł tax excl.
zł82.00 tax incl.
In stock - Delivery over warehouse: 3-7 days

Pocket cable slitteris an efficient and indispensable tool when working with fiber optic cable ends. It allows you to easily cut the PVC jacket lengthwise and separate it into two separate parts. It is suitable for both field and plant applications, and the precision and innovation of this tool saves time.

Technical data:

  • Weight: 50g,
  • Size: 67 x 57.5 x 30mm,
  • Hole dimensions: Ř4.5mm, Ř6.0mm, Ř7.0mm, Ř8.0mm, Ř11mm.


  • Select the appropriate groove, depending on the diameter of the cable to be notched,
  • Insert the cable into the groove, paying attention to the position of the blade and the length of the cable
  • Close the slitter and hold it firmly with one hand, then pull the cord with the other hand,
  • Check the cable intersection. On the coat there should be two cracks, which completely separate it into two parts.

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