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FTTH Passive Networks - Modems, FTTH Routers

Passive Optical Network (PON) is a type of network in which the transmission medium for information is single-mode optical fiber. The basic elements in this network are optical fiber, splitters (splitters) and active devices placed at its ends.
The classification of the technology is based on the maximum speed that we can offer customers - the largest in GPON 2.5Gbit and the lower in GEPON 1.25Gbit.

The signal in the passive optical network is distributed by passive optical splitters, located in different places of the GPON network. The active components of the passive optical network, i.e. those requiring power, are located only on the terminal and initial nodes of the passive optical network. The elements that stand out in the PON are: OLT distribution devices, end-of-network devices for customers, and devices that end the network at a local distribution point.

All components for the construction of a passive OPTICAL PON network available in our online store.

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