Centering to The Core

Core centering is an active type of centering that is currently the most common solution. This technology is more advanced and raises the price of the device itself, but it is more resistant to imperfections and differentiation of cables or weather conditions. Centering to the core, using light detection and image recognition systems, positions the fiber vertically and horizontally, adjusting the fiber cores as accurately as possible.

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  • zł4,799.00 - zł34,200.00



OFS-95R Fiber welding device OFS-95R Ribbon

Designed to work with Ribbon cables, it supports up to 12 fibers, has a 5 inch touch screen display and also supports all popular fibers, making welds in up to 15 seconds.

10610.98 zł tax excl. zł13,051.51 tax incl.

OFS-95S Fiber welding welder OFS-95S

It has 6 positioning motors, 5 inch touch screen display and supports all popular fibers, performing weld in up to 9 seconds.


9806.75 zł tax excl. zł12,062.30 tax incl.