OTDR Optical Reflectometers

The Optical Reflector (OTDR) is a tool necessary for the installation and maintenance of the network. The reflect meter, thanks to the possibility of location of events and damage in the fiber, allows you to verify welds or other connections, as well as to find cracks resulting from bends. The necessary functionality is the option of printing measurement reports and certification of fiber optic routes. shinewaytech is one of the most experienced and recognized manufacturers of fiber optic measuring devices. Their reflectometers, in addition to menus and instructions in Polish, also have filters for active connections (measurement in PON networks, depending on the model).

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  • zł604.00 - zł27,355.00

MCI100 Module - Optical Connector Inspector, Camera for MTP and PalmOTDR

Optional module for MTP-200 measuring platform or PalmOTDR reflectometer, which allows you to perform video inspection of ferulli face in connectors, checking the condition of dirt and whether there are potential cracks. The device is much more advanced than a regular analog microscope, thanks to the built-in memory we can save video tests.

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