Miernik mocy PON PPM, złącze SC/APC, wbudowane OPM i VLS-101034
  • Miernik mocy PON PPM, złącze SC/APC, wbudowane OPM i VLS-101034
  • Miernik mocy PON PPM, złącze SC/APC, wbudowane OPM i VLS-101035
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PPM PON power meter, SC/APC connector, built-in OPM and VLS

  • Reference: IO-PPM-TC-98B-P
  • Manufacturer: InterOpto
  • Condition New product
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The INT-TC-98B-P optical power meter is a device specially designed for building and maintaining a PON network that can be connected between OLT and ONT. The voice, data and video signal (1310/1490/1550) can be measured synchronously and the optical power value (1310/1490/1550) can be displayed with this meter. It is a useful test tool for PON network engineers and service operators.

This PON meter can also have integrated VFL and optical power meter functions.


  • Handy, easy to use,
  • Has a SC / APC connector,
  • Has an optical power meter,
  • Has a VFL of 1mW,
  • It can synchronously test the PON power in the system for three wavelengths of the fiber (1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm),
  • Can perform Burst mode test of signal at 1310nm,
  • Optionally, it can be equipped with an optical power meter and VFL functions,
  • True color display,
  • User-friendly interface, message management and operation functions,
  • Offers 10 groups of threshold values (operator selectable),
  • Pass / Fail status analysis and display,
  • Relative value selection and editing function,
  • Memory for storing up to 1000 results and the option to transfer them via USB to management software
  • Possibility to set threshold values, transfer data and calibrate the wavelength using the management software,
  • Automatic switch-off (according to the set value),
  • Automatic switch-off of the backlight (according to the set value),
  • 6600mAh lithium battery,
  • Energy saving (low voltage control and power off),
  • Real time clock display.

Test interface


Technical parameters
Model INT-TC-98B-P
Standard wavelengths [nm] 1310
Throughput zone [nm] 1260 - 1360 1470 - 1505 1535 - 1570
Range [dBm] -50 to +10 -50 to +10 -40 to +20
Isolation at 1310nm [dB] --- > 40
> 40
Isolation at 1490nm [dB] > 40 --- > 40
Isolation at 1550nm [dB] > 40
> 40
Uncertainty [dB] ± 0.5
Polarization dependent loss [dB] <± 0.25
Linearity [dB] ± 0.1
By insertion loss (IL) [dB] <1.5
Resolution 0.01
Unit dBm / xW
Optical power meter (optional)
Calibrated wavelength [nm] 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625
Measurement range [dBm] -50 to +26
Detector InGaAs
Accuracy <± 3% (-10dBm, 22 ° C)
Resolution Linear: 0.1%
Non-linear: 0.01dBm
Connector SC / FC / ST
Visual fault locator (optional)
Output power [mW] 1
Test distance [km] 5
Wavelength [nm] 650 ± 20
Output modes Continuous (CW)
Pulsed 2Hz
General parameters
Dimensions [mm] 185 x 80 x 50
Display LCD 480 x 800 True color
Power 3.7V 6600mAh lithium battery
Working conditions Ambient temperature: -10 to 60 [° C]
The storage conditions Ambient temperature: -25 to 70 [° C]


Standard equipment

  • PON power meter (with SC / APC connector and optical power meter -50 to + 26dBm),
  • Case,
  • Battery charger,
  • Charger cable,
  • CD (management software),
  • USB cable,
  • Factory test report.

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