shinewaytech Fiber welder OFS-80AC (fixed handles)-100839
  • shinewaytech Fiber welder OFS-80AC (fixed handles)-100839
  • shinewaytech Fiber optic welding welder OFS-80AC (fixed handles)-100101
  • shinewaytech FIBER WELDER OFS-80AC (fixed handles)-100442
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  • shinewaytech Fiber welder OFS-80AC (fixed handles)-100996
  • shinewaytech FIBER WELDER OFS-80AC (fixed handles)-100997
  • shinewaytech Fiber welder OFS-80AC (fixed handles)-100998
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shinewaytech Fiber welding welder OFS-80AC (fixed handles)

  • Reference: OFS-80AC
  • Manufacturer: ShinewayTech
  • Condition New product
Price: 9780 zł tax excl.
zł12,029.40 tax incl.
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The OFS-80 series of optical fiber welding machines is equipped with high-speed image processing technology and special precision positioning technology. Automatically completes the entire welding process in 9 seconds (typical). The LCD monitor displays all stages of welding. Compatible with ITU-T SM / MM / DS / NZDS fibers, the OFS-80 series are reliable fiber optic splicers suitable for general purpose optical networks, FTTx and laboratory applications.

The kit includes a cleaver.

  • Automatic centering to the core,
  • Great welding results,
  • Suitable for SM / MM fibers,
  • Displaying both X and Y axes,
  • Transparent display of the fiber core,
  • Built-in light, allowing the fiber to be positioned in a dark environment,
  • Automatic checking of fiber termination and calculation of weld losses,
  • Welding time: 9 seconds, welding time: 30 seconds, charging time: 3 hours,
  • Programs: 60 (factory set / user defined),
  • Temperature and atmospheric pressure compensation function,
  • Automatic optimization of the arc power,
  • Built-in event counter with electrode replacement indicator
  • Welding pause function and automatic resumption (when the front cover is closed),
  • Simple menu,
  • Ability to work outside in difficult conditions,
  • A solid, weather-resistant cover (maximum wind speed - 15 m / s),
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance,
  • Rigid, multifunctional suitcase with a carrying strap.

Technical parameters
Application General welding
Matching fibers SM (ITU-T G.652)
MM (ITU-T G.651)
DS (ITU-T G.653)
NZDS (ITU-T G.655)
ITU-T G.657
Length of the cut fiber [mm] 8 to 16 (coating diameter: 250 µm)
16 (coating diameter: 250 µm to 1000 µm)
Sheath diameter [µm] 80 to 150
Coating diameter [µm]

100 to 1000

The amount of fibers Single
Fiber alignment method Automatic centering to the core
Return loss [dB] > 60
Average insertion loss [dB] 0.02 (SM)
0.01 (MM)
0.04 (DS)
0.04 (NZDS)
Welding modes 60 (factory set / user defined)
Welding time [s] 9 (typical, for standard SM fiber)
Arc calibration mode Automatic or manual
Protective sleeve length [mm] 60, 40 and a series of micro sleeves
Storage of results 5000 results
Strength of resistance test [N] 2
Fiber view magnification 240X (X and Y preview)
Number of welding / fusion cycles 120 (only with lithium battery)
Sleeve sealing mode Adjusting the sealing time: 20 to 60 seconds
Sleeve sealing time [s] 30 (typical)
General parameters
Dimensions (width x length x height) [mm] 160 x 155 x 180
Display 5.7 "color LCD
Weight [kg] 3.15 (with battery)
Power AC adapter: 100-240V AC input, 14.5-15V DC output
Lithium battery: 6600 mAh
Communication RS-232 / USB
Working conditions Ambient temperature: -10 to 50 [° C]
Relative humidity: 0 to 95 [%]
Maximum wind speed: 15 [m / s]
Altitude: 0 to 5000 (m)
The storage conditions Ambient temperature: -20 to 70 [° C]
Relative humidity: 0 to 95 [%]
Specifications are subject to change without notice


Standard equipment
  • Fiber optic splicer,
  • Power module,
  • AC power cord,
  • Spare electrodes (1 pair),
  • Cooling tray,
  • Display cover,
  • Transport bag,
  • Warranty Card,
  • User manual,
  • Guillotine (cleaver).

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