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  • 6COM


    6COM is a manufacturer of transceiver devices for fiber optic networks. The INTERsell store in its offer has products such as Mediaconverters and modules SFP and SFP+ production 6COM.

  • AG TermoPasty

    AG TermoPasty

  • BOWI


  • Fibrain


  • Fluke Networks

    Fluke Networks

    Fluke Networks is an international leader in providing professional tools and solutions for certification, troubleshooting, and maintenance of critical cable infrastructure. The company is renowned for its legendary reliability and unparalleled performance, ensuring efficient performance.

  • Fujikura


    Fujikura is a company founded in 1885 in Japan, which is now one of the most popular manufacturers in the world. Fiber welding welders are available in Fujikura and fiber knives (Cleavery).

  • InterOpto


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  • Kimberly-Clark Professional

    Kimberly-Clark Professional

  • KomShine


  • Lootom


    Lootom is a globally recognized provider and manufacturer of integrated networking solutions, services and products for network operators around the world. In our offer you will find devices for GPON and EPON, m.in. ONU devices (WiFi and RF versions are available) and OLT.

  • Mantar


  • Nanjing DVP

    Nanjing DVP

    nanjing dvp is an experienced manufacturer of devices designed for fiber optic networks. He specializes in the design and manufacture of recognizable fiber welding devices on the European market. Our offer includes dvp-740 welders (one of the most popular models) and DVP-760 (successor to DVP-740).

  • Ripley Miller

    Ripley Miller

  • ShinewayTech


    shinewaytech has become one of the fastest growing companies on the global FOTE market. Currently, the portfolio also covered RF and IP products. Over the course of a shinewaytech has taken over its sales network of more than 70 countries and has dominated the Chinese market since 2009. shinewaytech introduced the world's first handheld optical reflector (OTDR palms).

  • Softech Industry Ltd.

    Softech Industry Ltd.

  • Softing AG

    Softing AG

  • Telcoline


  • Topex


  • Yato