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The is run by the company "INTERsell Technologies Fiber Optic Polska" Sp. z o.o.

With the knowledge and experience acquired over the years of work in the ICT equipment market, we are able to provide you with the highest quality service.

We have the status of general distributor of nanjing dvp and shinewaytech products for the Polishmarket, thanks to which we strive to ensure that our products are always unbeatable in your eyes, we offer a 24 month warranty on the products of these manufacturers (double warranty from both the manufacturer and Intersell Fiber Technologies Polska Sp. z o.o.).

Certificate certifying the credibility of the distributor:

DVP's Only Gold Distributor Certificate

In the offer of the store you will find: fiber welding devices, measuring devices, accessories and fiber optic devices, as well as equipment for cable TV.

The aim of our INTERsell store is to meet the needs of customers by:

  • professional service
  • attractive prices
  • convenient payment terms
  • fast shipping
  • equipment warranty
  • Service
  • constant contact with the customer

Our company has obtained the status of polish service center DVP, all repairs performed in the Service Center ul. Kolejowa 28 in Silesian Wednesday, we also provide assistance in the case of post-warranty repairs.

Certificate certifying the reliability of the service:

Certificate of the Polish DVP Service Center

You will find us at:


We place great emphasis on the high level of service of our customers so that you are 101% satisfied with the joint cooperation.

Our motto is the slogan "Best for Your business", which we try to guide, knowing from experience that by selling the best quality products, at an unbeatable price, we thus act for mutual benefit.