Mini Splitter PLC 1:2 (bez złączy) - SM, 0.9mm, 1m-101196
  • Mini Splitter PLC 1:2 (bez złączy) - SM, 0.9mm, 1m-101196
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Mini Splitter PLC 1:2 (without connectors) - SM, 0.9mm, 1m

  • Reference: IO-SPL-PLC-2-MINI
  • Manufacturer: InterOpto
  • Condition New
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Splitter PLC (Planar lightwave circuit) is a kind of passive (no-power) device for separating communication from one fiber optic to many other fibers. Commonly used in all types of FTTH passive networks, where fibre optic fibre reaches the recipient's premises directly.
It is characterized by high optical parameters, while maintaining a small size. It is used to distribute optical signals from a central point to multiple locations. We meet splitters with a ratio of 1:2, 1:4, 1:8 and so on exponentially. Their damping is high, which excludes their use in typical Point to Point networks (it starts with 3dB at a ratio of 1:2 and grows logarithmically reaching e.g. 15dB at a ratio of 1:32).

This splitter is characterized by small sizes.

An unsealing splitter is a type of product intended for pon networks, in which it is necessary to take care of the appropriate protection of this splitter against damage. This type of splitter minimizes the space occupied, but due brak the possibility of adequate protection of the fiber (brittleness), protection by the use of suitable enclosures is required.

For the invention of the designer we leave the development of an effective way of securing the splitter, it can be placed in racks in switchboards, in distribution cabinets in an isolated place, or, for example, in airtight mphs. Any solution can be good, it all depends on the specific situation.


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